Thursday, July 23, 2009

State of Resistance (sent to Honduras Resists by COPINH)

Today, July 23rd, 2009 at 26 days of resistance by the Honduran People we inform that the struggle indefense of our rights and against the repression of the coup dictatorship continues and intensifies:

1. At 8am a takeover started at the Durazno police post that is the main entrance to the capital and to the northern highway (the Panamerican).

2. There are highway takeovers in Choloma at the bridge towards Puerto Cortes; as well as at the exit Conejo en Comayagua and La Paz; there were marches in different parts of the country including Progreso, Cofradía, Santa Bárbara, Colon, Islas de la Bahía, among others.

3. There are takeovers of many public institutions, among them Social Security, the National Agrarian Institute INA, the Institiute of Professional Development INFOPH, Civil Aeronautics, the National Infancy Program PANI, the National Electrical Energy Corporation ENEE, the Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University, the Telecommunications Corporation for which the Taxi Association has joined, as well as high schools and primary schools throughout the country, among other important actions.

4. We communicate that a massive displacement of the population towards the southern borders of the country is taking place, towards the borders with Nicaragua and El Salvador, these Hondurans are arriving from all regions of the national territory.

5. We denounce that the army is occupying and interrupting various public installations, and has assaulted the workers of the HONDUTEL [state telephone company] workers' union and they are militarizing the hospital centers, they have deployed strongly even with tanks in the southern region of the country, and they are detaining and taking away the personal documents of the protesters. The repression continues but the people is also continuing to organize and resist in many ways.

The night is ending and Morazán is watching!
Everybody out to defeat the coup-makers!
They are afraid of us because we are NOT afraid!

*National Front Against the Coup*

*Honduras, territory in resistance against the coup oligarchy*

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