Friday, November 29, 2013

Breaking News: Dissident member of the European Union Electoral Mission speaks out against fraudulent elections.

A video of the press conference will be posted soon.
Foto V. Cervantes
Today at about 11:30 pm. Leo Gabriel, an anthropologist and member of the European Union’s Honduran Electoral monitoring team gave a press conference at the airport as the mission was leaving Honduras.  Gabriel dissented strongly from the preliminary report issued by the EU which classified the elections as transparent and the fact that the delegates were simply asked to turn in their observation sheets and then the report was issued without consultation with them.  Asked to characterize the elections Gabriel replied “Tramposas” which in Spanish means cheating or fraudulent. 

The EU delegate spoke for more than 20 minutes, describing numerous examples of observed  fraud and irregularities. He also spoke about the problems with the scanning and tabulation of the tally sheets (Actas) by the TSE and stated that he did not have faith in the TSE and its results.  

Foto V. Cervantes

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