Monday, March 4, 2013

Alert! Security Situation in Honduras - Message from Los Necios 
Note from Honduras Resists: In the past several weeks a number of events have occurred pointing to a deepening political crises in the country and serious conflicts among the security forces, military and political rulers. The head of the Honduran National Police Force, Juan Carlos Bonilla has been one of the figures at the center of the storm and now has issued threats against LIBRE and its activists. Below is a message from the Political Organization Los Necios. 

March 4, 2010
Chief Police Juan Carlos Bonilla, better known as “El Tigre Bonilla” gave on Thursday last week a press conference saying that sectors involved in LIBRE Party have started a dirty campaign against National Security, by denouncing his crimes. In the link below his declaration:
He said he has already identified the groups that are doing this, and it is known he is referring to the Political Organization Los Necios (OPLN). Los Necios have openly and publicly denounce his crimes through all web site resources, given all the criminal linkages and assassinations during this period. The Police has not done anything even though there are videos showing paramilitary personal killing with political purposes.  Also, Gilberto Ríos, General Secretary of Los Necios, who is also candidate for congress, sent “El Tigre Bonilla” a letter in response to these false accusations. You can read it in the link below.
LIBRE Party on their side, also sent a communiqué rejecting the (amenazas) of the Tigre Bonilla:
As we all known Tigre Bonilla is recognized for being involved with the death squads in the 80s and for his servility to the private enterprises. The arrival of El Tigre has not reduced the violence rate, instead the decision to militarize to give security has just brought more repression and more corruption by the oligarchy .

Here I send you the links of the videos that the OPLN made in denounce for the situation of Security in Honduras
Another one made for the anniversary of the fire in Comayagua´s Jail who killed about 300 men without investigation
Also another video that circulated in which as OPLN have no hand, this video shows Bonilla planning the death of President Zelaya
We hope that the international community can help us denounce this false accusations and claim for the respect of human rights.

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