Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday January 28th Updates on the Buenos Amigos Eviction and Detainments

Vicki Cervantes of the La Voz delegation has called with a report with more news about the evictions of Buenos Amigos community after speaking with the community and the police department in Tocoa:

They have confirmed armed police along with the former owner of the community's land, Cesar Velázquez, surrounded the community for at least an hour. While occupying, they burnt huts and clothing, destroying whatever belongings they could find. Three peasants were detained during eviction see: Thursday January 27. Blanca Espinoza for whom the police and Velázquez are searching for, and 14 other community members are now in hiding.

After speaking with the police department in Tocoa, we have been notified that the case has now been handed over to the DIC, the federal investigation department. The was a hearing held today at 4 pm concerning the case, but results are still not know.

In addition to the eviction of the Buenos Amigos, there have reports of several other evictions happening across the country. Newspapers have reported on an eviction happening in Santa Barbara.

UPDATE: All of those detained during the eviction have been released. Thanks to everyone who called!

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