Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Statement of Indigenous organization COPINH against U.S. military intervention in Latin America

Civil Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) - Communiqué

In the face of imperialist invasion, insurrection and defense of our peoples and sovereignties!

Today is a moment of hegemonic reconfiguration of imperialism in our continent, due to its profound crisis, which it tries to resolve at any cost, and in which like a wounded beast it bears its claws invading through its projects of annexation, colonialism and plunder with coup d'etats, military bases, occupation troops, the fourth fleet, Plan Mérida, ASPAN, transnationalization, monopolization, cultural invasion and counter-revolutionary plans.

As people born from the blood of Lempira and in permanent resistance, we raise our voices together with other sisters and brothers who today with just indignation repudiate the occupation of their territories and countries by these forces of death.

In Honduras, also invaded by the U.S. army, where where some of the most important bases of the region are, such as Soto Cano in Palmerola, in May of this year under the current regime, which is the continuity of the coup d'etat, a second military base was inaugurated in the indigenous Miskito community in Barra de Karataska, and as if that wasn't enough they are hurrying to occupy the island of Guanaja, an insular municipality of the Bahía Islands in the Honduran Caribbean, threatening to reactivate ex-military bases that functioned during the "cold war" in the Lenca region and other zones. All of this under the context of the coup d'etat, extention of the "democratic security" that is applied in Colombia, and the systematic repression against the Honduran people.
We energetically condemn this new and old imperialist maneuver, with which they expect to detain the process of emancipation and defense of territories, sovereignty, richness, dignity and life itself that escapes it in our great motherland, America, putting under grave threat our sister people of Costa Rica with an occupation without precedent, which threatens Venezuela, Cuba, Haití, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and other nations of the Southern Cone.

Today more than ever we express our urgency, necessity and desire to march towards the refoundation of our peoples to halt the objectives of the U.S. that counts on the complacency of oligarchic, coup-making, right-wing, criminal regimes and governments like those of Honduras, Panamá, Costa Rica, Colombia and others.

We are in complete solidarity with those peoples who do not renounce their legitimate right to defend sovereignty, self-determination and life, from America to other places on this planet who today have the nightmare of a bloody Iraq.

We make a call to the world and the Honduran people to redouble our efforts along that path chosen by the heroic Resistance that is committed to the construction of a re-founded motherland, without capitalism, without patriarchy, without racism and discrimination, which violate all the forms of dignified life.

At the doors of another world war, let us build justice to create peace.

We bet on life, not on death, so let's all mobilize to struggle against war, occupation, interventionism and domination.

Solidarity with the Costa Rican people and all other people carrying out the battle to expel the troops of occupation.

With the ancestral strength of Lempira, Icelaca and Etempica we raise our voices full of life, justice, dignity, freedom and peace!

End the U.S. occupation and invasion of the world!

Intibucá, Honduras July 13th, 2010

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