Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Campesinos of the Buenos Amigos Community Under Threat of Immediate Eviction

The La Voz de los de Abajo delegation has been informed by the campesino community of Buenos Amigos located in Saba, Colon that there they are under threat of eviction by government forces as early as tomorrow Wednesday January 26th. The Buenos Amigos Community, affiliated with CNTC (the National Rural Workers Association), is comprised of 100 families. The 360 acres of land is in foreclosure and now owned by the bank.

The community intends to stay despite the threat of eviction and maintain their right to the land through the Agrarian Reform. Community leader, Blanca Espinoza, stated that "If we have to die for the land, we die but we don't intend to leave. If they evict us from the land then we will back within 48 hours."

Please call the National Agrarian Institute at 011-504-239-8401 or 011-504-239-8402 and tell them to respect the community of Buenos Amigos' right to the land and demand that any kind of eviction is immediately called off.

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