Thursday, May 5, 2011

Public Proclamation from the Community Guadalupe Carney, Trujillo, Colon, May 4, 2011 Trujillo, Colon, May 4, 2011

The Campesino Movement of Aguan (MCA) located where the Regional Center for Military Training (CREM) once functioned, due to the slow functioning of the appeals court in acting on the legal case of the compañero Jose Isabel Morales Lopez, make the following proclamation:

1. That the compañero has been imprisoned in the penitentiary of La Ceiba, Atlantida since October 17 of 2008 due to an arrest order based on false accusation from the prosecutor for the Public Ministry of Trujillo.

2. That his rights have been violated since the first day of his detention to the present, leaving a family without the right to food, education and health.

3. As part of this campesino movement we are denouncing that in recent days the compañero Jose Isabel Morales Lopez is being permanently harassed and threatened with death by four individuals imprisoned in the same cell, we are withholding their names as a precaution for the security of the compañero. Because of this we are asking for immediate action on the legal proceeding of his case for an immediate hearing. At the same time we are demanding real security for the compañero Jose Isabel Morales Lopez.

For the points mentioned above in this proclamation, if this call is not heeded, all of the Campesino Organizations and social organizations will take strong measures, and in the case of any attempt against our compañero, we will hold responsible the Appeals Court, the Prosecutor of the Public Ministry, the Criminal Court, and the official in charge of the penitentiary of La Ceiba, Atlantida and the Commissioner of the Penal Centers.

We call on the Special Attorney for Human Rights, the lawyer Sandra Ponce and on the Minister of Human Rights, lawyer Ana Pieda, on COFADEH and on the Human Rights Platform, to demand a rapid advancement of the legal process for our compañero, as soon as possible and we demand real physical security for him, if these calls are not attended to we will go to other national and international organizations because our rights belong to us, today, tomorrow and always.

Campesino Movement of Aguan (MCA)

The organizations:

Augustin Calix, Jose Feliciano Vasquez, Carlos Cruz Urrutia


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