Sunday, October 6, 2013

Global day of action, new report denounce persecution & human rights violations by U.S.-funded Honduran army and courts against indigenous leaders of COPINH

10/10: International day of solidarity w/ indigenous leaders facing attack!
10/10: ¡Día de solidaridad internacional con líderes indígenas¡

Chicago event: 
Picket Thurs 10/10 - 12:30pm at Honduran Consulate 4439 W. Fullerton Ave.

Also please see other ways to take action

NEW REPORT by Rights Action / Nuevo informe:
Dowload in English / Descarga en español
Read to find find out why three indigenous leaders are facing charges and two facing imminent arrest for non-violent defense of land rights and natural resources in Río Blanco.

Lenca communities in the Rio Blanco region of Intibuca, organized in COPINH, the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, have submitted five formal complaints to the Public Prosecutors office since 2010 for acts of abuse of authority and the stealing of land by Honduran government officials and the dam builders, the DESA and SINOHYDRO corporations.  While no investigations have advanced, communities opposing the dam have come under increasing violence, including a murder on June 15 by the military.

Most recently, internationally recognized COPINH leaders defending the communities land rights have been charged with “inciting” a road block by communities.  While the only evidence presented simply showed that the human rights defenders believed the communities had more valid land rights than the company, the charges were quickly prosecuted and Berta Caceres has been ordered to await trial in jail.  It is suspected that Aureliano Molina will receive a similar order on Monday, October 7.

These trumped up charges were initiated within days of newspaper reports that US Ambassador to Honduras, Lisa Kubiske, urged Honduran authorities to prosecute those who promote land “invasions.”   Evidence shows that if Honduran law and ratified international conventions were enforced, the dam builders would be the ones prosecuted.

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