Friday, November 29, 2013

LIBRE does not accept the official election results

From the La Voz de los de Abajo team in Tegucigalpa- 8:45pm
(photos by A. Lanza)

After 5 days of tension and anger over the  election results and whitewashing of the election irregularities by some international entities such as the European Union and the U.S. Embassy in Honduras,  the LIBRE party presidential candidate Xiomara Castro Zelaya  and other LIBRE party officials and activists held a  press conference to announce the party’s analysis and plan of action.  The room was packed with press and a large number of Libre activists and candidates. For days there had been much debate and speculation over what path the LIBRE Party will take.

Xiomara Castro Zelaya took the stage with Juan Baharona, Julieta Handel and other Libre officials and candidates.  She announced that without a recount and audit of all the tallies (actas) they do not accept the results from the TSE and will not recognize  any government as legitimate that results from those false election results. “To the streets” “We will defend peacefully in the streets what we have won” ” We will win in the streets and we  defeated them  at the ballot box!

” We have shown that the victory of LIBRE is the people’s will through their votes and it is being stolen by those who have made the electoral system into a farce..” “Those who kill everyday with hunger, cannot kill our hopes!”

These declarations came after a detailed presentation that included the summary of LIBRE’s own analysis and comparison of TSE data, and original poll summary sheets, with specific examples of inconsistencies and outright, obvious fraud.  The report also talked about the data and reports of vote buying, fraudulent buying of credentials for poll judges especially by the National Party, errors in the information on the voter rolls that kept some citizens from voting and facilitated fraud in other cases. 

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