Sunday, November 26, 2017

Amidst militarization and manipulation, elections still undecided in Honduras

Millions of Hondurans went to the polls today in Honduras in the midst of a climate of intimidation, fear and extreme militarization. The La Voz de los de Abajo delegation was present at three voting centers in the San Francisco neighborhood of Tegucigalpa. We directly witnessed to vote buying, intimidation, and an overall highly sophisticated and yet crude and shameless manipulation by the ruling party to attempt to assure the illegal re-election of U.S. ally Juan Orlando Hernandez. We also witnessed the always-inspiring spirit of resilience and resistance of the Honduran people, and have no doubt that whatever the final announced results, people here will continue to organize and struggle for a more just Honduras and world.

Below are some photos of the militarization surrounding the polling places, including military vehicles with roof-mounted machine guns, new special operations units with high caliber weapons, and military police, some with their faces masked. Also below are two videos - in English and Spanish - showing a moment when National Party activists attempted to intimidate our delegation after we witnessed them paying for votes. 

As of this writing, at 11:47pm on Sunday night November 26th, both the current President Juan Orlando Hernandez and the opposition alliance candidate Salvador Nasralla have declared victory. A protest has been called for tomorrow, Monday November 27th at 2pm in front of the country' electoral authority to demand transparency in the vote count and an end to the dictatorship of Juan Orlando Hernandez.

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