News Sources/ Fuentes de Noticias

Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular - the official page of the resistance to the coup in Honduras with messages straight from those fighting to restore democracy to Honduras (Spanish only).

Radio Globo, Radio Liberada, Radio Progreso and Radio es lo de menos have radio updates (Spanish only) directly from the from the front-lines of the resistance in Honduras.

Rights Action has been doing good reporting and commentary as events unfold and has people on the ground monitoring the situation. They are also a reliable vehicle through which to get money to the organizations fighting for the restoration of democracy in Honduras.

Honduras Resiste y Vence is an excellent blog in Spanish directly from the resistance in Honduras.

Honduras Solidarity has excellent original reporting in English and Spanish from Sandra Cuffe, who has been accompanying and reporting on the Honduran social movement for years.

School of the Americas Watch has good background information on the coup-plotters training at the Georgia-based School of the Americas / (also known as the School of Assasins) as well as news updates on the coup and a call to action.

La Voz de los de Abajo is a Chicago-based organization that has been working to organize solidarity with the Honduran resistance and to denounce the coup from within the U.S..

Honduras Habla is a citizen-media project of Honduras with a variety of news updates and links to good, current information (in Spanish) about the resistance to the coup.

Civil Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) - One of the organizations at the forefront of the resistance to the coup in Honduras.

Honduras Digna is a YouTube channel with good footage of the coup d'etat.

Honduras en Lucha has excellent coverage (in Spanish) of the latest news.

Honduras Golpeada - "what they don't want us to know" (Spanish only). Another great site with updates about and condemnations of the coup d'etat.

Americas MexicoBlog and the Americas Policy Program have some good coverage and some English translations of interviews, statements and documents about the coup, the international response and the resistance.

Upside Down World is going good reporting on the Honduran coup.

Honduras Resiste is a blog about actions in solidarity with the Honduran resistance from within the U.S..

Autores del Golpe de estado en Honduras - site with pictures of and information about the people responsible for the coup d'etat in Honduras.

Resistencia Honduras is one of the most comprehensive blogs out there (in Spanish) about the Honduran coup.

La Búsqueda has great coverage, including video and photos (Spanish only).

La Jornada is a major Mexican newspaper with excellent coverage of both the coup and resistance to it in Spanish.

Telesur is a television station based in Venezuela with excellent ongoing television coverage of the latest incidents.

Honduras Indymedia has good coverage in Spanish about the coup and the resistance to it. is an excellent blog from Cuba about the coup. is doing great reporting (mostly Spanish) about solidarity with the Honduran resistance.

Por Honduras Libre is a blog from Nicaragua (in Spanish) covering the Honduran coup and its resistance.

Latin America in Movement has a number of a good articles and statements on the Honduran coup.

NarcoNews is doing good reporting on the coup in English.

Rebelion - The magazine Rebelion has an excellent collection of articles with news and analysis about the coup in Spanish.

Libertad de Expresión - Good blog in Spanish with information directly from Honduras.
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