Tell President Obama and the State Department: Recognizing the Honduran Elections means Complicity with Coup and Human Rights Violations

The Obama Administration struck a deal with the Republican ultra-right to achieve several state department appointee confirmations and now is recognizing the Honduran elections that took place on Sunday November 29th. These elections were carried out by an army that is in the midst of extreme repression of Honduras's non-violent resistance and that has repeatedly harassed and shut down media critical of the coup. The U.S. is one of the only countries in the world to recognize the elections and is thereby implicitly condoning the coup and the ongoing human rights violations in Honduras. If we do not force a change of course, then as Brazil's foreign minister recently said, the U.S. will become completely isolated from most of Latin America.

Please copy the message below or write your own and submit it to the White House and State Department.

Dear President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton:

I join most of the world in condemning the U.S. government decision to recognize the illegal elections which took place in Honduras on
November 29th amidst severe ongoing repression and human rights violations by the military coup regime.

Backing out on your earlier commitment is disgraceful, deceitful and a clear statement to the rest of the world that the U.S. government will gladly sacrifice democracy for political opportunism. Is it worth isolating the U.S. from Latin America? Is it worth ignoring the killings and repression by the same military that carried out the elections? Is it worth condoning a return to the atrocities of the 80's in Latin America?

The people of Honduras spoke clearly on November 29th through massive abstention. Nearly every polling location reported turnout of a third or less. The Supreme Electoral Council claims 61% turnout to the press but its own turnout figures on paper show turnout to be 48%. Independent observers estimated turnout as low as 25%. To trust the de facto Honduran government's turnout figures is to trust the same people who forged a renunciation letter to cover up the June 28th military coup. The same military that has been denounced around the world for its ongoing brutal repression against the non-violent Honduran resistance carried out the elections. The same day as the elections they tear-gassed and brutally beat non-violent protesters in San Pedro Sula.

There were no official election observers. The majority of the hemisphere will not recognize these elections. The majority of the Honduran people will not recognize the new government. The only solution to the crisis in Honduras is a National Constitutional Assembly. The 80% of Hondurans who live in poverty make up a large majority of the country have been completely excluded from its governance. Only when that majority is consulted and given the chance to re-establish democracy in their country through a democratic, grassroots, participatory National Constitutional Assembly will a solution to the political crisis in Honduras be possible.

U.S. recognition of the incoming de facto government will be a clear signal to the rest of the world that our government continues to condone military coups.

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