Thursday, March 24, 2011

Repression Against Teacher Union Continues. Resistance Continues

The Teachers' Union has faced almost a week of continued violent repression by the Honduran Police and the repression has now spread once again to the National Autonomous University of Honduras--see upcoming post.

Repression on Tuesday March 22:

Via the Honduran Accompaniment Project

Radio Globo in Honduras is currently reporting that police have surrounded the COPEMH building in Tegucigalpa begun throwing tear gas bombs inside of the building. COPEMH is the association of secondary school
teachers in Honduras. They are reporting that there were approximately 27 teachers and parents inside, eating and resting. Representatives of human rights organizations and the subdirector of the FNRP are on site.

The public offices of the Comisión de Verdad are also located in the
COPEMH complex. There are two buildings side by side that are part of
the same complex, COPEMH occupies one and the CdV office is located in
the tower next to it, which COPEMH rents out.

Teachers organizations and the FNRP are calling for a national civic
strike tomorrow, Wednesday, March 23.

epression on Wednesday March 23:

Via Karen Spring from Rights Action

200 people are inside the COPEMH office in Tegucigalpa and police are throwing tear gas canisters into the building in a repeat of last night's violence. A red cross ambulance is on the site waiting to take away the injured.

This is now the fifth straight day of police and military violence against teachers and university students in the Honduran capital.

Repression on Thursday March 24th--Sixth Day:

Via Karen Spring of Rights Action

Teacher's march is currently being evicted by police that are launching tear gas & detaining teachers/resistance close to the Hotel Clarion in Tegucigalpa. Some people that have fled from the gas went to COLPROSUMAH (teacher's college) building where police are shooting tear gas as well. Based on the calls that I have received, more than 20 people have been detained & there are reports that people are injured. I'm sure there are much more.

Reports say that the smoke from the gas is entering the emergency wing of Hospital Escuela (the public hospital in Tegucigalpa).

Please stay tune for more updates and see post below on writing letters to Organization of American States and the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights.

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