Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zelaya condemns repression of teachers

Letter from the General Coordinator of the FNRP in Support of the Teachers

March 24, 2011

Brothers and sisters,

Honduran People,

I write these lines to condemn the inhuman attacks against the teachers of the nation. The attacks have as their only aim to liquidate the teachers’ organizations and to break-up the

social movements in Honduras; never before has such a brutal plan been executed in our country using such premeditation and advantage to sustain the privileges of a voracious and bloody elite.

We find ourselves facing nothing less than the execution of the third part of the con

spiracy that destroyed democracy with the Coup d’Etat of June 29, 2009, which consists of the appropriation at all costs of the country’s natural resources to fill their pockets at the expense of millions of poor people; the first mission towards this goal is to destroy the organized sectors, beginning with the national teachers’ organizations.

Submission to the International Monetary Fund agreements negotiated by the regime, include the reduction of the wage base through firings, restructuring and the dismantling of union organizations in the country. We must not make any mistake about the true intentions of the repression which is to break the will of the teachers’ struggle; when they show their inflexibility and are spending million

s of lempira on bombs and bullets with the security forces, we cannot believe that they are only thinking about the Teachers’ Law.
We must understand that they are not looping for Solutions for Honduras. They are only following instructions and are creating the system, the enclave that includes the conditions for the privatization of health, Education, and the other public services.

The payment required by the Teachers’ Law, if we fulfill it, is viable and must be paid; the State can do so; I personally know the issue well, and I have no doubt that this is not a question of a lack of government funds; it is part of a plan that implies the disappearance of the professional organizations of the teachers for other organized forms in the country that favor their goals. This macabre strategy is directed at destabilizing all the social organizations with conscience such as those of the teachers nationally.
Compañeros to know their plan gives an advantage and allows us to join with other sectors affected by the Coup d’etat. The destiny of Honduras, and other countries in the region, is at play in this struggle. The dimensions of this issue require urgent attention because the level of repression shows the desperation of the regime in the face of the strength of our ideas and the truth that is with us.

Our mission is to support without reservation the teachers, the men and women that struggle, so under no circumstances are the decrees against the teachers upheld; and to demand their immediate derogation.

Compatriots this is the hour to give the best of ourselves. They are the aggressors, those that behave with brutality, we can beat them; we can win over them with the unity of the people and defeat the perfidy that those who don’t love the Education of the people nor the mission of the teachers.

We continue in the struggle; comrade teachers: count on us; the Honduran people support the teachers until victory.

José Manuel Zelaya Rosales
Coordinador General
Frente Nacional de
Resistencia Popular

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