Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Report of the Union of Writers and Artists of Honduras

Friday August 21st, 55th day of popular resistance and the social fervor in all corners of the country makes itself felt with greater strength, all over non-traditional forms of protesting against the coup d'etat are organized and sought. The tireless marchers make themselves present every day in the streets and don't stop, they are unstoppable warriors struggling bravely for the value of the rights snatched through away by the thug trolls.

The peaceful march of today began with a speech by the popular leader Juan Barahona, strongly applauded by the people congregated there, there were also some conscious national and international media there. It left the Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University in the morning hours, carrying three imitation coffins with the names of Pedro Magdiel, Isis Obed and Róger Vallejo, friends brutally assassinated by the military and police.

The march was accompanied by the friend and priest José Andrés Tamayo, an indigenous man hardened by injustices and his struggle against them- of which all sectors of the country should be vigilant, as the thug government of Micheletti continues threatening to take away his citizenship - also present was friend and congressperson for the Democratic Unification Party Marvin Ponce, with his arm broken but his consciousness stronger than ever; the collective of Women in Resistance, who are complete feminists worthy of admiration, the band of the “Jesús Aguilar Paz” institute with its catchy rhythms, the Garífunas who have left their beaches and sea to fight in the asphalt streets with their punta music,drums and conch, the friends of the Civil Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations (COPINH) and the always combative populous of La Canaán, with its red flag in front.

The thousands of throats lined up headed towards the Central American boulevard, making felt its total repudiation of the coup d'etat. Then they went down the “Juan Pablo II” boulevard passing the Zero Zone close to the "current presidential palace." They continued their combative path until passing Channel 36 and its belligerent owner Esdras Amado López giving him respect and admiration for staying on the side of the people in its just demands; continuing then in front of the Argentine embassy showing complete solidarity with the Honduran people in the streets. They continued their path through the center of Tegucigalpa, until arriving at the plaza of the “Francisco Morazán” central park, where they wound the COPINH friends chained in protest to the fence of the Metropolitan cathedral. In that place thousands of protesters delighted for hours with a program of music, poetry and theater that the Feminists in Resistance had prepared to receive the march and pay homage to the international feminists, who in a clear act of solidarity are visiting our country. After ending this act the peaceful protesters went to their homes, to prepare towards another new day in the streets, until they take out the thug betrayers of the homeland and reinstate their President Mel Zelaya, who the people elected as the representative of all Hondurans.


Organization is basic in all human groups, some need to be organized and others not, they just take the example and with that innate association of being human organize themselves.

That is what is happening in all of Honduras, it wasn't necessary for anyone to organize the people, because since the beginning they energetically rejected the coup d'etat and protested in the streets, the same ones they haven't left despite all the repression suffered, all the dead they have cried over, all the beaten and wounded, because they understand that their struggle is close to its conclusion.

The tireless did no wait to be organized, as their own intuition told them that only united would they de-throne the thug usurpers, that's why they come out in little-known marches like the protests of motorized cars, motorcyclists, even bikers in Tegucigalpa and Choluteca, writing the truth by internet, the march of the lanterns in El Progreso, concerts in parks, international concerts - that cost the conscious people in contributions, etc - in sum, they use all forms of protest to demonstrate in the streets.

But in addition to all of the above, people are organizing in San Pedro Sula, Cortés, Tela, La Ceiba, Intibucá, Santa Bárbara, Tocoa etc. in barrios, neighborhoods even in the farthest villages of Honduras. Nothing can stop the organized people, that is why the triumph of the Honduran people can be felt floating in the atmosphere and that people will not be deceived.

The struggle continues, the Morazánian ideal is present more than ever in the daily battle!


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