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Young Resistance Leader Gerardo Torres: To scream goal

Gerardo Torres (pictured here during his recent visit as part of the Honduran resistance delegation to Chicago) is a young Honduran who is part of the People's Block of which he is one of the national organizers and also an independent journalist and member of the group Los Necios, which is a community organization in Honduras working with workers, peasants, student federations and feminist organizations, finally he is an active member of the National Front of Resistance Against the Coup d'Etat in Honduras.

"To scream goal" by Gerardo Torres, Los Necios

In the morning we woke up thinking that the hour of the new confrontation had arrived.

Not a sports one, but the continuation of this clash that has caused the collision in Honduras of the few who have always had everything with the many of us who don't have anything or almost anything, which isn't the same, but is equal.

Each person arrived at the Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University proudly wearing the team shirt, of that team that we all are, that is not sponsored by the coup banks and that carries the name of all of us who struggle, of those who can't struggle and of those who have fallen struggling with pride on these backs that are so used to the sun.

We leave the university's facilities like those who leave changing rooms surrounded by applause. That's how the minute... excuse me the 46th day of this great resistance began.

The headlines said, "Honduras takes on Costa Rica today in San Pedro Sula," but in reality in the streets Honduras is facing a tyranny that calls its best sons and daughters vandals, Honduras is facing the the major business groups who ask for peace and then send savage thugs dressed in military green and police blue (uniforms faded by guilt and infamy and stained with innocent blood) to the streets to kill.

The physical wear is high but the willingness is even bigger, so the people's team descended into the heart of the city. The end was the National Congress that is willing to approve more obligatory military service to start a hunt against the youth as an attempt to perish youth hope in the pathetic coldness of the battalions.

They provoked and broke a peaceful march with tear gas bombs, live ammunition and rubber grenades. In the middle of the day the center of Tegucigalpa was the stage for the ire of the repressive forces that even with tubes came down on top of the young people, women, men, elders and kids who raised their hands not to celebrate goals nor to initiate battles but just to try to protect themselves from the rabid jaws.

The hour of the game was closing in and throughout the city those of us able to escapte looked from police post to police post for those who had been captured. By the hundreds people left keeping their heads high and looking directly in the eyes those who though coming from the same people today without human consciousness have accepted the order to attack their sisters and brothers.

"There are people captured in the battalions" was announced with a worried voice. The military spokespeople denied it, but we searched. It was confirmed, even at this hour in the Special Forces Battalion or "Cobra Battalion" of the 21 de octubre neighborhood in Tegucigalpa that the following sisters and brothers are illegally captured:

1.. Avilio Antonio Izaguierre 23 years old

2. Florentino Izaguirre Hernandez 32

3. Santos Ricardo Pena Pavon 22

4. Emerson Barahona Avila 25

5. Daniel Angel Carcamo Sanchez 23

6. Osmin Daniel Santillana 27

7. Nilko Duran 30

8. Santos Rene Herrera 53

9. Justo Pastor Mondragon 65

10. Darwin Said Hernandez Carbajal 23

11. Lisandro Gomez Martinez, 56

12. Mario Rodrigo Ardon Betancourt 20

13. Nelson Gustavo Rivera Lopez 32

14. Jose Natividad Perez Lorenzo 48

15. Oscar Marcell Murillo 22

16. Ariel Arturo Sierra Coello minor, age 16

17. Allan Samael Cruz, minor

18. Santos Ricardo Pena Pavon 21

19. Darwin Amaya Alvarado 22

20. Magdalena Lazo Pineda 48

21. Alba Leticia Ochoa Camacho 53

22. Sergio Raul Jerezano Cruz, minor 16

23. Wilmer Domingo Lopez Marroqui 26

24. Arturo Flores Baleriano 36

25. Mabel Carolina Lopez.

But even as such the whistle of the beginning of the game happened in the Olympic Stadium of San Pedro Sula at 7:30 pm punctually. The facilities were completely packed and the Honduran people upon having a space to be able to scream without the obstacle of tear gas bombs or the danger of guns did so with all its heart.

When the young Mexican referee Marco Antonio Rodríguez nullified the clear goal of the Honduran team at the beginning of hte game things got tense. Televicentro (the main national private television station) which has been one of the main voices of the Coup d'Etat and of the de facto government used its microphones to call for popular insurrection to punish the referee. The announcers told people that is the national team lost people shouldn't let the Mexican leave the country alive. It is easy for these media delinquents to call for attacking a man for an error in a soccer game, but impossible to do it against those who have taken away from us much more than just a goal.

But Carlo Costly got a goal and Honduras burst out in joy. While everybody in the San Pedro Sula stadium jumped in the trenches of the battalions they wanted to put out the voice of the people. The stories come to mind that many of us have only read of that world cup game in Argentina in 1978 in which the cries from the stadium served to hide the screams for help of the thousands of Argentinians who died strangled by the military violence.

Honduras beat Costa Rica 4-0 and for 90 minutes the people screamed like it never had, in the streets of the different cities the celebration extended greatly, as screaming goal in Honduras is a liberatory experience, but screaming for four is an historic event.

The people left the stadium holding up four fingers to the cameras with a complicit smile because it was exactly those four fingers that they were holding up before the military and the business people attempted to take out democracy. The four of today looks much like the sign of the fourth ballot box that announced the beginning of the path towards a new Democratic Popular Constitution that continues on the path to becoming a reality although the archaic groups of the powerful refuse to accept it.

To scream goal as we should it is necessary to leave behind all repressive elements, open our arms and let out all of that contained energy to have a fleeting sensation of freedom.

To liberate a homeland it is necessary to confront all the repressive elements, open our arms and show our fists, let all the popular energy out in an explosion that allows for the installation of permanent freedom.

Today we continue vigilant of our sisters and brothers kidnapped in the battalions.

Today the 13th of August we will be once again in the Pedagogical University for a new meeting with history at exactly 8:00 am.

In this game nobody is left in the stands, we are all on the field.

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