Saturday, August 1, 2009

Take Action to Restore Democracy in Honduras!

Take action to restore democracy in Honduras and stop military collaboration with the coup regime. Send email to:

Congress (this link has email to IL Congressional delegation but you can copy and paste it into forms on White House page to send to President Obama and also on State Department page).

If you are outside of Illinois, for a listing of your Congress people click here.

Tell them:

I am extremely disturbed at the continued double talk of the U.s. governemnt with respect to the coup government in Honduras, demonstrated by the fact that Honduras was invited to participate in the Allied Forces PANAMAX 2009 joint military exercises off the coast of Panama Spetember 11th-22nd. After waiting over two months to declare the kidnapping of a democratically-elected president a coup, during which time numerous peaceful activists were murdered and brutalized, it is outrageous that Honduras is still being invited to participate in military exercises sponsored by the U.S. government and paid for with our tax dollars.

I urge you to immediately cut off all remaining military training programs that include the illegitimate Honduran coup army, which as you know is daily violating the human rights of Hondurans peacefully
protesting for the restoration of their democracy.

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