Friday, July 31, 2009

Report of repression in Tegucigalpa from Via Campesina

We ask for a denunciation of repression
Wendy Cruz / Via Campesina, Honduras

During this Thurday July 30th around 10:00 a.m., we did a highway takeover peacefully in the northern exit at the El Durazno police post, the politce and the soldiers from the army, when we began to gather to start the takeover, surrounded us saying that they had orders to not allow any more highway takeovers even if peaceful and they start throwing teargas bombs and shooting and pursuing us as if we were delincuents, with arms and they were beating everybody they found in their path, hitting us in a sinister way without worrying that we are people who just want to live in a country where the will of the people is respected and not the will of the rich, who have only exploited and impoverished our people.

The police pursued and pursued the protesters, travelling more than 6 kilometers, where the protesters gathered in a market where suddenly they shot at the head of Roger Abrahan Vallejo Soriano, a 38-year-old teacher who is in the Escuela Hospital between death and life, but the doctors told us that there is no hope because it seems that the bullet has undonce the brain matter.

We have more than 80 detained in the police post la Cuarta in Tegucigalpa, among them Juan Barahona, a leader of the National Popular Resistance Front and the rest are men and women protesters from the resistance. There are innumerable wounded in the different hospitals of the capital without knowing the exact number.

Likewise we have been informed that the repression was national in Comayagua, San Pedro Sula and Colón among other places. In Comayagua we have reliable information that we have more than 100 detained, among them two under-age people, one two year old and the other 7 years old and that there are 4 wounded and many friends had to hide in the brush and are fleeing so that the national police don't grab them.

Friends, the situation of repression and insecurity of the lives of those of us in the resistance is in immenent danger, because the coup-makers have declared that they won't allow any more highway takeovers, they want the people to accept by force the de facto government.

The resistance front against the coup d'etat has met; it has decided that tommorow the resistance continues despite our lives being in danger.

We ask the peoples of the world to do actions of denunciation and solidarity since we can't allow ever again COUP D'ETATS AGAINST OUR PEOPLES.



Wendy Cruz, Via Campesina, Honduras

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