Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Possible Massacre in Guadalupe Carnei - Community in Resistance


Published by Honduras en Lucha:

To the international community and press. The community of Guadalupe Carnei in Silin, Trujillo, in northern Honduras is at grave risk of a massacre at the hands of the army and the golpista police.

As of the afternoon of July 18, the XV Battallion and the police, have the community surrounded and have begun to tighten the circle, meanwhile police helicopters are flying over the community. In the past there have been attempts to assault and forcefully take over the community .

Gualalupe Carnei is a campesino community that has been a part of the process of agrarian reform since its founding in 2000, and has been subjected to continuous harassment by the military. This has intensified since June 28, the day of the coup d’etat.

In recent days the pro-coup newspaper, The Heraldo, published that there is a guerrilla cell in the community, without a doubt attempting to create conditions to justify a massacre.

The discourse of the coup-makers, begun by the Cardinal, stating that Zelaya must not return to the country in order to “avoid a blood bath” is well known. All of this indicates that they are preparing massive and bloody attacks.

We call on the international community and particularly on the international press to make this information known in order to protect the Community of Guadalupe Carnei from the announced massacre.

We ask that President Arias be asked why he has never mentioned the repression against the Honduran people resisting the coup, why has he never proposed measures to stop the grave violations of Human Rights occurring in this country.

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