Sunday, July 12, 2009

10th Communiqué of the National Front Against the Coup d'etat

The National Front Against the Coup d'etat in Honduras made up of the different organized expressions in the country united in the face of the situation provoked by the coup d'etat informs the rest of the population:

1. That we don't renounce inclusive political processes that allow for democratic participation of men and women through the installation of a National Constitutional Assembly.

2. That we maintain that the solution to the current crisis starts with the unconditional restitution of Constitutional President of the Republic Mr. José Manuel Zelaya Rosales and his government, with the effect of finishing out the presidential period to which he was elected.

3. It must be made clear that this coup d'etat follows the strategy of those who flaunt their political and economic power, the ultra-right of Latin America, the Central Intelligence Agency and the military industry of the United States.

4. That the commission that this Front sent to Costa Rica is participating together with the representatives of the government of President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales in the process of getting rid of the coup government. In addition we make known that the proposal and position of the Front has been taken up by President Zelaya in its totality and that is how it has been presented to the mediator.

5. We condemn the detention of Mr. José David Murillo, who is the father of the young man Isis Obed Murillo, killed by the Armed Forces on Sunday afternoon during the actions to return to the institutional order in Honduras. Mr. David and his family are part of the Environmental Movement of Olancho, MAO.

6. We denounce the fact that the repression and persecution is more each day and that it has lead to the freezing of the bank accounts of some organizations and people, leaders who are immersed in the struggle against the coup d'etat and its institutions in the country.

7. We repudiate the persecution that the coup government is carrying out against the delegation of the Cuban Embassy, the support team for the literacy project and the medical brigades. In these moments the personnell from the embassy has already left as has the education team. This action attaks those who have offered us unconditional humanitarian help and affects the poorest of the population.

8. We reiterate our decision to struggle for a society where democracy and the well-being of the majority prevails. In this sense we call for the continuation of the different actions in coordination with the regions and organizations.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, July 10th, 2009

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