Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Resistance Leader from San Pedro Sula Murdered

National Front of Resistance Against the Coup: We condemn the assassination of Roger Ivan Bados
Roger Bados, as we know, has been an active member of the Popular Block (Bloque Popular) in the Valley of Sula, an outstanding member of the Democratic Unficiation Party (UD), very recognized for his combativeness in the 80's, as a leader of the now defunct, Union of Textile Workers of Honduras (SITRATEXHONSA), a member of the Independent Popular Candidacy on the Council of the Municipal Corporation of the City of San Pedro Sula, defender of the rights and just causes of the Honduran people, a worker for and activist in all the demonstrations of resistence organized in the last 13 days in this city against the coup d'etat that occurred on the 28th.

The assassination of Roger Bados, occurrs in moments of a grave political crises in Honduras and in conditions of extreme persecution and repression by the de facto Government against the peoples' leaders in the whole country.

From the National Front Against the Coup d'Etat, we send our condolences to the mourning family with whom we are in solidarity, and we demand an investigation, and that the material and intellectual authors of this cruel assassination against Compañero Roger Iván Bados be arrested and taken to justice before the Tribunals.

We call on the Honduran people to continue participating and to incorporate yourselves in all of the resistence activities until the constitutional order is restored and the golpistas abandonen the power they took by usurption.

Down with Repression, Persecution, and Death against the Honduran People
Long Live Honduran Popular Unity
Constitutional order yes, Coup d'Etat No
July 12, 2009 San Pedro Sula

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