Saturday, July 4, 2009

1st Communiqué of the Honduran Popular Resistance Front

Sunday June 28th, 2009 - 1st Communiqué of the Honduran Popular Resistance Front

To the national and international community we communicate:

1- We denounce that in the morning of June 28th, 2009 a brutal and inhumane military coup was perpetrated against the legally constituted government of Manuel Zelaya Rosales, President of the Republic of Honduras.

2- It is fales that President Manuel Zelaya Rosales and his Cabinet have renounced their positions, the argument infamously used by the National Congress to make official the dismissal of President Zelaya and install in his place Roberto Micheletti Baín.

3- That the Honduran people and the international community only recognize Manuel Zelaya Rosales as the current and only President of the Republic of Honduras.

4- That we have organized the Popular Resistance Front, of permanent and national character in coordination with all the municipalities of the country, to create an active and peaceful resistance with the goal of restoring the constitutional order and respect for human rights.

5- That the coup plotters have created a climate of insecurity, threat, capture and terror that puts the life of the Honduran people and all of the men and women who have come out in favor of a participatory democracy in danger.

6- That we call for solidarity from the national and international community to re-establish the constitutional rights and sovereignty of the Honduran people.

7- That we should reject with dignity and bravery the wall of rumors and lies with which the powerful and the coup plotters intend to immobilize the popular will for democracy.

8- That we convoke the whole population to stay alert and peacefully occupy all of the public spaces at our disposition, including around the Presidential House in Tegucigalpa, symbol of the legally constituted democracy.

Tegucigalpa, June 28th, 2009
Popular Resistance Front

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