Monday, July 6, 2009

6th Communiqué of the National Front Against the Coup d'etat

6th Communiqué of the National Front Against the Coup d'etat

The National Front Against the Coup d'etat in Honduras is madeup of the different organized expressions in the country and the Democratic Unification Party, with the purpose of keeping the Honduran people informed and putting forth its position about the crisis provoked by the coup d'etat perpetrated the 28th of June and planned by the oligarchic class of the country, exploiters who live and have lived off of Hondurans.

For those reasons, we communicate:
The Catholic Church with its position expressed on the national radio and television, transmitted on several ocassions, incites violence when it says: “It is not prudent for President Zelaya to return that could cause a bloodbath, I know that you respecte life, reflecting afterwards would be too late.” It is important to keep up our resistance peacefully and not allow those who flaunt their power to provoke us.

ON Saturday different actions took place, among them mobilizations in Tegucigalpa, more than 100,000 people participated, many of them have arrived from the interior of the country. It is important to recognize and congratulate each one of the participants for the responsibility and discipline demonstrated durring the whole trip and during the stay around the airport.

Our committment and we reafirm out struggle to re-establish the institutional order unconditionally, cannot be talking about a dialogue, peace, tranquility when a minority group violates the laws of the country for its benefit, naming a president illegally and illegitimately.

We also make known that the departure of Honduras from the OAS is a punishment that directly affects us in various aspects, economically, politically, culturally, diplomatically and more. It is clear that it affects for the most part people in a situation of poverty which in this country is more than 70%, not so much to those responsible for this punishment who distributed the power amongst the few.

We make a call to the whole Honduran population to prepare themslves because the struggle does not end with the coming of President Zelaya, but with a process that leads to the construction of participatory direct democracy, which is why we have a long path left to travel before arriving at the final objective.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras July 5th, 2009

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