Thursday, July 16, 2009

12th Communiqué of the National Front of Resistance Agaisnt the Coup in Honduras

The National Front Against the Coup d'etat in Honduras, made up of the different organized expressions in the country communicates to the rest of the population:

1. We thank the support and solidarity of the peoples of the world, particularly the pressence of the Continental Social Alliance (ASC), a space of encounter between the American social movements, that is in Honduras to know and divulge information internationally about the situation provoked by the coup d'Etat.

2. We denounce the use of the mass media in the hands of the oligarchy, who are trying to show a country in normalcy and peace while popular leaders are being assassinated and persecuted.

3. We announce the participation of a delegation of the National Front Against the Coup d'Etat in the United States that will inform Senators and other authorities of the U.S. government about the violation of human rights and the denial of democracy and rule of law.

4. We denounce the dictatorial fascist path that the current de facto regime is following, where only the force of arms has worth and elemental spaces of communication and participation are unkown.

5. We express our recognition to the Honduran people that has continued the resistance in order to re-establish the institutional order, demand the reinstatement of the elected President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales and the installation of a National Constitutional Assembly that promotes a society with participatory democracy.

6. We continue making a call out to the rest of the population to incorporate itself into the actions in order to achieve the defeat of the usurpers of the State.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras July 15th, 2009

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