Monday, September 28, 2009

Fraternal Organization of Black Hondurans: Chemical weapons violate Geneva Convention

Chemical and sonic weapons used by the Honduran Military Violate the Geneva Convention

The use of chemical, electromagnetic and sonic weapons by the security forces of the de facto regime, specifically those used in the Brazilian Embassy, are prohibited by the Geneva Convention of 1997.

The parabolic dish the coup “security” forces directed against the resistance is apparently known as HSS (Hyper Sonic Sound). This has been used by the U.S. Army in Iraq since 2004, and the Israeli Zionist army in 2005 in the Gaza Strip.

The HSS and VMAD (Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System) form part of the new arsenal of the United States Army and are considered "nonlethal” weapons, however, these weapons can be lethal depending on the effect intended by its operator. The HSS can make targeted people feel they are hearing voices, in addition to induce vomiting and fainting. The VMADS produce a burning sensation on the skin, while under the electromagnetic wave emanating from such a weapon.

Of course, the Geneva Convention has been violated systematically by the United States during the last decades. The HSS
was put into use with prisoners at Guantanamo, before its use in Irak.

The HSS is produced by the American Technology Corp, of San Diego California ( It is necessary to ask when it was acquired by the Honduran “security” forces, and if the acquisition was recent, we must also ask on what grounds the United States exported these instruments of torture. .

The fourth generation war (asymmetrical war) being launched against the Honduran people will bring to light the loss of vision in the enjoyment of human rights and the ambiguous position of the Clinton-Obama administration, which to date, after promoting the coup have avoided taking the necessary steps to return democratic rule to the country.

Of course Obama will avoid the topic, now that the U.S. Justice Department is in the hands of the lawyer Erick Holder (the only afro-descendant person on his cabinet), recent defender of Chiquita (Tela Rail Road) in the case of the multi-million dollar payment the company made to Colombian paramilitaries and the use of the company pier to unload the weapons used in the massacres perpetrated by the AUC. As Secretary of Justice, Holder has avoided the closing of Guantanamo and eluded the prosecution of CIA agents that institutionalized waterboarding as a method of prisoner interrogation.

Rumors are circulating in the City of Tegucigalpa of the presence of Zionist Israel B. Ziv, who was contracted as the adviser for Plan Colombia, Georgia and recently who has worked on counterinsurgency in Peru. Ziv is an owner of the company Global CST, with headquarters in Petaj Tikva, Israel, and offers services on national security strategies, reconstruction of public forces, and the development of intelligence systems and training of elite commandos.

It is important to document the effects of the so-called “non-lethal” arms utilized against the Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya Rosales and the people who are accompanying him within the Brazilian Embassy, including members of the resistance. After Irak and Gaza, Honduras has become a laboratory of war and social annihilation by the U.S. and its puppet Israel

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