Tuesday, September 22, 2009



To the national and international community we denounce that at the first hours of the morning a strong contingent of police and military violently attacked the peaceful protest that was happening around the Brazillian embassy to celebrate the return of the legitimate President Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

The repressive bodies made use of firearms, teargas, pepper spray and rubber bullets against people who were in the area, some of which were still sleeping. There are people injured from bullets and gravely beaten in the Hospital Escuela. The exact number of detained is unknown.

We condemn these acts of barbarity that are rooted in a state of siege that violates fundamental human rights.

To the human rights organizations and the peoples and governments of the world, we call to join in repudiation against the brutal actions of the de facto regime installed by the Honduran oligarchy.

To the Honduran people we urge you to stay alert to the next instructions emanating from the coordinators of the Resistance.

Morazán is in the streets!

REPORT FROM LOS NECIOS (OPLN) http://www.losnecios.net/
Tegucigalpa. September 22nd, 2009.

The OPLN informs that today Tuesday 22nd September at 5am demonstrators that were accompanying the Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya in the street of the Brasilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa were violently removed by the military and police forces of the de facto government. It is expected that in the coming moments the Brasilian Embassy will be invaded by members of the police force. There are reports of tens of injured and beaten, at least one person
dead and several people who have disappeared. These numbers are yet to be confirmed.

The illegal curfew has been extended to 6pm this evening. Currently people around the whole country are being affected by electrical cuts by the military, radio and TV stations are being removed from transmission and the streets are militarized.

We demand that the police and military repression stops immediately. We reiterate our call to the Honduran people to join the fight and march today in a response to the illegal measures imposed by the military regime.

We also ask the world to show their support for the Honduran people
and condemn once again the violent acts of the de facto government.




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