Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Juan Almendares: Stop the Unconventional War in Honduras

Stop the Unconventional War in Honduras - Terrorist acts by Cobras and Soldiers

The cobra battalions (an elite Honduran police squad) and soldiers have violated people's homes in poor communities, shooting live rounds at families. They have shot tear gas and pepper spray into people's houses targeting children, pregnant women and elders in the neighborhoods of Altos del Viera, Manchen, and el Barrio el Bosque, Hato, Suyapa, LasVegas, San Francisco, colonia Kennedy, Bendeck, Travesía and the Morazán residential area, Colonia Divanna, Altos de la Divanna, Pedregal, Centroamérica, Altos de los Milagros in Tegucigalpa and in other poor neighborhoods in the capital. The soldiers have captured and tortured the young man Jose Luis Rodas.

Human rights defenders Francisco Mencia and Walter Trochez and Maricio Mendoza were tortured by the Criminal Investigation Unit after being detained at the police post in the Victor F. Ardon neighborhood and their lives are in extreme risk. Meanwhile, residents of the Juan Ramon Molina neighborhood, other communities of San Pedro Sula and different areas of the country have been subjected to similar brutality.

These acts of terror and crimes against humanity like physical torture and psychological war that were learned at the School of the Americas are being put into practice on the defenseless population in a vile and cowardly way; just like the war crimes committed by Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet and the great despots of Latin American history.
Bombs of tear gas not only produce tears, but they also cause abortions,asthma, allergies, vomiting, shock, heart attacks and death.

We are making an urgent call to the national and international community to demand that these crimes stop completely and to prohibit the use of lethal chemical, toxic and deafening weapons. Also, do not use the Hondurans people as an experiment for future wars against the people ofLatin America.

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