Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Letter from President Zelaya to the Honduran Resistance: "We will not rest until we defeat the dictatorship"


Tegucigalpa, 7th of December, 2009


It should constitute itself as a platform for political coordination.

It should be the axis for coordinating and bringing together the progressive political forces, who without losing their own identities, can achieve the objective of the transformations and changes for the Honduran people.

The Resistance is the hope for having a new Constitution and installing a National Constitutional Assembly.

Brothers and sisters of the National Resistance Against the Coup d'Etat

With great appreciation I address you to thank you for your labor in the resistance, hoping that my ideas are useful in your reflections in this difficult moment being lived through by our people, the people who have accompanied and backed me up in my struggle of over 30 years for democracy and social justice for Honduras.

We are at 163 days of Resistance against the military coup d'etat where I was kidnapped and exiled to Costa Rica, enduring along with you pain and suffering for the people, with 78 days of attacks against us in this military enclosure in the diplomatic headquarters of Brazil, enduring with my family and friends who accompany me in political persecution, you in the streets, suffering the cruelest repression, massacres, killings, torture, political persecution, arbitrary detention, for raising your voices of protest against the dictatorship by peacefully but firmly demanding the restitution of the President elected by the people, the return to democracy and sanctions against those who usurped power.

Brothers and sisters, let's not be deceived by the farce and trap that they carried out last November 29th in Honduras. There is no democracy, the coup d'etat was institutionalized, there is no separation of powers and the impunity of the institutions who co-authored the coup d'etat continues: the Supreme Court, the State Prosecutor, the Commissioner of Human rights, the leadership of the Political Parties in Congress and the upper echelons of
the military.

The elections guided by the dictatorship are not valid, they were marred at birth, without qualified observers, under repression, without guarantees of equality nor liberty for those who oppose the de facto regime, amidst the censoring and closing of the media, and with mroe than 60% abstention.

Porfirio Lobo with 40% of the people came out of the electoral fraud, he is illegitimate, he is illegal and his Presidency is extremely weak, as he demonstrated in 48 hours with a quick alliance with the military and dictatorship to oppose in Congress the return to the democratic order and to the President that the people elected. In that way he lost all legitimacy in his election.

Now the
Lobo-Micheletti coup alliance is imposing [economic] packets, they will be devaluing our currency, and unleashing the heavy fist of repression on the people.

The resistance has a great mission to complete, to convert itself into a belligerent force and a platform of political coordination, to be an axis to coordinate and bring together the progressive political forces, who without losing their own identity, make the dominant elite recognize that as Hondurans we don't have masters, that we want Freedom, that we all have the right to life and to live in better conditions, to recognize that we are all Hondurans and that our country needs reforms that are unstoppable.

Towards this end the resistance should organize its platform of political coordination and programs with defined actions in every neighborhood, every municipality, in all the departments that make up the national territory, demand a new social pact, a new constitution where the people determine the rules that allow a solution to the problems and transformations of Honduras.

I arrived at the Presidency through the Liberal Party, I am a Liberal and continue to be one, I practice its true doctrine, opposed to dictatorships and totalitarian military regimes. Those who hatched this coup d'etat ceased to be liberals and the people punished them at the polls. The National Party would never have rose from the defeat that we gave it, to do it they had to associate with and conspire with the powerful elite, with their international
branches and the two powers of the State to have a military coup and take me off of the political stage.

The Resistance is the guide, it is the hope for returning to the democratic order and installing the next National Constitutional Assembly.

Our arms are our ideas. Our struggle has peaceful strategies.

No cooperation, no violence, and civil disobedience against unjust laws. Nobody owes obedience to those who assume power by arms.

For the love of the people
For the love of the poor
For the defense of our democracy

We will not rest until we defeat the dictatorship

José Manuel Zelaya Rosales
Constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras


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