Wednesday, December 16, 2009

National Resistance Front Declaration: "We are a real power throughout the country... armed with the social consciousness forged in the struggle."

Siguatepeque Declaration

The Honduran Resistance has been able to stand with dignity in the face of the onslaught from the enemies of freedom and democracy. During almost 6 months of continuous peaceful but vehement struggle we have established that we do not accept any way out of the crisis other than to re-establish the institutional order, punish the violators of human rights and the install a National Constitutional Assembly. We do not ask submissively for a favor from the usurpers, we are conscious of our power and our capacity. We are a real power, made up by grassroots organizations around the whole country where true democracy is practiced. We are legitimated by the sacrifice of a people armed with the social consciousness forged in the struggles of the popular movement, the spirituality of the poor and the example of men and women who have given their lives to transform the country.

The enemies of the people, the exploitative oligarchy that enriches itself with the misery of workers and the theft of their resources; the transnational companies who plunder the
country and swindle the State; the ecclesiastic leadership, merchants of faith who take advantage of ignorance; the military and police always willing to kill, rape and beat the people for money; the phalanx of servants who because of alienation or interest guard the riches robbed by others; all of them, those who for many years used a weak representative democracy as a method to validate their political power and their economic system of exploitation and marginalization, ended up revealing their genocidal and totalitarian nature, and closed off the small spaces of participation to stop the project of Morazán [Honduran independence leader] that made possible that for the first time an unexpected leader could question the hegemony of the millionaires and would dare to commit the un-pardonable sin of giving to the people the opportunity to speak and make decisions.

The current social and political crisis is the sharpening of the conflict that developed years ago as the stingy interests of the oligarchic business groups clashed against the necessities and rights of the popular sectors: Peasants, workers, the indigenous, blacks, LGTB groups, artists, marginalized urban populations, micro, small and medium businesspeople, environmental movements, feminists, student organizations, progressive and democratic political forces, teachers, professionals, human rights groups, youth, popular churches and other groupings of the people, which travel a slow but decided path of unity, taken up by necessity in the face of the application of a neoliberal model that raises class contradictions and a coup d'etat that ended up revealing the unwillingness of a minority to distribute the wealth generated by the work of everybody.

It is a bitter battle. The right has control of the state, the support of the reactionary governments of the world, the mass media and the repressive bodies. But the social processes aren't held back by media campaigns, they can't be reversed with arms and they can't be numbed by the false pleas of the oligarchy's pastors. Much less can they paralyze the people with electoral shams or false calls for national dialogs where they ask us to sacrifice dignity for a false peace in which misery and wealth continue to co-exist.

The accelerated degeneration of the coup is inevitable, the business logic and arrogance will lead it do be cut into pieces when it loots the state and applies without regard the worn-out economic model that assures continued capital accumulation.

That decadent class doesn't understand the high spirits of a people that is no longer content with reforms and that is struggling for the complete re-foundation of the State. A people that has been called on to raise their level of national organization and coordination to defeat the dictatorship and lay the foundations of a participatory democracy that assures the fulfillment of the demands of social justice and punishes the criminals who did not respect human rights.

It is also an international battle. The coup was conceived within a plan of regional control by the transnational economic powers to stop and revert the processes of social change in Latin America, that are demonstrating the possibility of creating democratic and just societies as sovereign states. The coup d'etat in Honduras goes along with Plan Colombia, with the reactivation of the fourth fleet [of the U.S. navy], with the economic blockade on Cuba, with the besieging of Venezuela, with the destabilization plans in Bolivia and Ecuador. The coup is the attempt to return to a Latin America belonging to Texaco, the United Fruit
Company, Bayer, Monsanto, Esso, Exxon Mobil, Cargill, Alcoa, Walmart, Nestle, Toyota, Citigroup, Coca Cola and others.

But the Honduran Resistance is not alone, we know we are accompanied by the honest peoples and governments of the world; we are brothers of the popular, democratic and revolutionary organizations of Latin America. The manifestations of solidarity and commitments to sustain them that we have received are innumerable.

Honduras today is a stage of debate for its own future and that of many peoples. That is why there cannot be any other outcome than victory.

In Resistance we will go forward to the end, towards the transformation of the homeland, towards the integration of Central America and Latin America, towards the complete sovereignty of our peoples, towards freedom, equality and justice.
Long live the heroic people of Morazán!

We Resist and we will Win!

Siguatepeque, Tegucigalpa December 10th, 2009

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